• I used to think that tarot card reading are superstitious until I got my first tarot card reading done by Clarice way back in April 2014. Since then, I have my readings done Bi-annually. Her readings are spot on. Clarice also give practical advice which greatly helped me in my career transition. She has helped us in finding our new home by providing us with her Feng Shui expertise and her vast experience. I highly recommend her readings and Feng Shui expertise.
    Thank you, Clarice!

  • During my 2nd pregnancy, I frequently have migraines plus I also became slightly diabetic. I started having Reiki treatment by Clarice weekly to de-stress. To my surprise, the migraines gradually disappeared and my blood sugar level was well within control throughout.

    Marina B Full-time Mother of three
  • Reiki have a calming and relaxing influence on me especially with my hectic & stressful job. It recharges my batteries.

    Dr Geetha Nellinathan Veterinary Surgeon
  • I had a bad cough and headaches and cannot sleep so mummy asked Auntie Clarice to do Reiki for me and I fell asleep.

    Atiqua 6 years old, Marina's eldest child
  • I find Reiki very uplifting, a definite de-stressor! Its calming effect enabled me to have a clearer outlook and I find myself moving in more positive directions.

    Farah Baker Customer Support Representative
  • Clarice is a natural holistic healer. All who go to her, whether for Reiki or even Tarot cards, leave feeling much better as she uses her insights and understanding of the human experience in her readings and her healing work. Clarice's Reiki has helped my dog tremendously. From being unable to hold herself up for too long, today my 12-year old dogs is almost as good normal. Watching her heal has inspired me to learn Reiki from Clarice.

    Karoline P Educator
  • My family and I are very grateful to Clarice for her expertise. Her Feng Shui recommendations in my home and office have brought me a promotion in my career. It has also brought a more harmonious living environment. We are definitely thrilled with the results of our consultation. Thank you!

    Marie Lim Sales Director
  • Accurate/insightful reading, sound advice, good communications (listening), experienced Reiki healer who is deeply empathetic...

  • Firstly Clarice is quite plain-speaking and straight shooting. There's very little new age mumbo jumbo to decipher or translate. It's all very matter of fact and that makes the personal readings task-driven, which I find relevant, productive and so conducive to modern life. She takes a real interest in your life without judgement. Feng Shui and Ba Zi readings can be wrapped in paradox, on the one hand, these are the cards dealt to you when you came into the world, essentially, this is who we are, and we need to accept that. Meanwhile, it is with Clarice's help that we attempt to find balance, within ourselves, to mitigate the negative forces that come from the outside. More importantly what you have shared with me over the years has made a positive impact and helps to bring stability to my career, family, social and inner lives in a world full of flux.

    Michelle Digital Project Manager
  • You connect well with your clients and have an East meets West mentality. Because you speak English, this gives you an edge over traditional Feng Shui masters. You advices gently and always help to provide solutions that are practical and easily implemented (not silly or hard to follow 😊) and tailored to the individual. Personalised service. You make yourself available to help problem solve on an as need basis Last but not least you care about your clients. Although this is your profession and a business, it always feels like you make the effort to know your clients and provide the best possible advice that works for their lifestyle…

    Mdm Chia Medical Professional
  • Clarice’s unique selling points

    • Giving practical advise with your readings
    • You have very good understanding of the various cultures and able to adapt your advise accordingly
    • You have the ability to combine the east and west very well in your language skills and hence explaining the readings to a level where layman can understand

    Ms J Chua Business Owner

Testimonials on Healing

Pet Healing

  • A beagle that had spent most of his life tied-up in a laundry room was given up for adoption. He was extremely barky and anxious. I decided to give Reiki a try to accelerate the process of rehabilitating and eventually re-homing him. I was astounded that after the first session, the beagle was noticeably calmer. Reiki, when used in conjunction with more down-to-earth behaviour modification techniques, is a valuable tool when dealing with problem dogs.

    Angie Tan Canine Behaviour Counsellor
  • Not only has Clarice's Reiki therapy improved Jomo's fur, skin and overall look, he seems to be revitalised since he started undergoing Reiki sessions in August 2001. Although he sleeps quite a lot (he turned 13 in November 2001), it is clear that he has become more alert and aware of his surroundings and, even, more expressive.

    Preetha Devoted owner of 13 year old German Shepherd, Jomo
  • Bella, my Burmese cat was very depressed after a very major operation last year. Reiki not only accelerated her healing process, it uplifted her spirit. She is now a much happier and healthier cat.

    Karyn Willie Acupressure Therapist

Healing Diary

  • It was so nice to have met you before my departure from Singapore to Japan. Yes, based on you prediction, my life has truly improved as you said.
    You kindly advised me to return to Japan and stay in the company, then find a new job relating teaching that is so fit to me for further growth.
    Exactly, after returning to Japan, I continued to work in the same company till end of this year for mandatory retirement age, and I could find new job as university professor in Osaka!
    I will start new life from next April. But, I will not forget your another advice; to take care of health.
    And I believe I should not forget the importance of happiness of others, and should not be selfish.
    Anyway, I wanted to report after the meeting and say thank you for your suggestion.

    Karl Takashi Lecturer, Japan
  • It was by Divine Guidance that I met Clarice in September 2003 at Suntec City at a Holistic Fair. I was a very troubled lady during those years do I approached her for a card reading.

    She was very sincere and gave me advice that no one would otherwise gave me, the direction that I really need to change my life. I did my best, took most of her advice, but as it takes time to really motivate myself to make all the necessary changes, I slowly took in more time spending and consulting Clarice. Through her wisdom and knowledge, I gave Reiki a try.

    Reiki was the most momentous experience I had in my entire life. Not only did it helped me to self-healing – it was the basis of guiding me to stay positive, and surround myself with the right and positive people and through watching my thoughts how it could affect my life. In turn, the manifestation through meditation, Reiki and counsel from Clarice took a real turn in my life in 2004. When my dad died in October, I made the huge changes that I wanted but never had the courage to do. Reiki helped me to understand that nothing is impossible. It moved me to turn my life 360 degrees positively at every aspect affecting my life then and now. All that I never dream of, nor could I raise myself in standards, thoughts, higher-self, which I now, able to do so even if it meant taking baby-steps.

    From that day going forward, I have more confidence, building up my self-esteem, learning to receiving love from others, fight my worthiness, loving myself more, attracting the right people in my life that can help me with directions mentoring me and so much more I can’t explain…it’s an experience only Reiki can bring you to realisation, when you practise it.

    Now, I learn to find what I want out of my life, and recently met the most wonderful partner that I always wanted, the right kind of personality that complements mine…all that I wanted. I can hope that eventually it would be all I ever dream it to be…at the cross-road of my life, and yet, Emerging with A New Beginning at 38 years old.

    No words could ever describe that many thank you for the many nights and hours you spent guiding and mentoring me, Clarice. It was a wake-up call no one has ever done that, but only you. I thank God and His Angels having you watching over me and led me to you.

    With Love, your student.

  • It is hard to imagine that I have known Clarice for over 10 years. What started out as a casual introduction at an event, has grown to a deep friendship over the years. I have engaged her services through the years, from card reading, ba zi, Reiki to fengshui. Some of the sessions have been in depth whilst some of them have been at the spur of the moment, when fast responses are needed.

    What I appreciate most about Clarice is that she is direct and clear with her answers. Sometimes the answers may not what I would like them to be, but they are honest and straight to the point. Especially when your mind is clouded and your emotions are in a million places, the hard truth is what you need. I might get a scolding or two along the way, but it is more of a wake up call or to put me back on a path.

    Even when the consultation is completed, Clarice will check in to see how things are and offer advice along the way. Even if it is through a short chat, she provides you with recommendation or a different perspective.

    Through the years, Clarice has watched my family grow. She is extremely passionate and protective of my children, soothing my fears and anxieties away by looking over them and even organizing fengshui elements for them. She is extremely mindful of their age and makes sure the elements are practical and not easily lost.

    Having had Clarice look over me for the last decade, I fully trust in her abilities and dedication to her craft. She’s also an excellent friend!