Clarice's Media Prints

Master Clarice’s News Feature and Media is covered by popular magazines in  Singapore such as, The Finder Magazine and Expat Living Magazine. Her articles cover topics including methods for career success, auspicious weddings, romantic attraction, travel, and more. Highlights from her bibliography include: “How to Embrace Feng Shui with Clarice” cover feature for The Finder Magazine (2016), “The Working Mums Horoscopes Forecast” for SimplyHer Magazine (2015), “Rock Your Lucky Colors” in Her World Magazine (2014), “Baby Watch” in Mother & Baby Magazine (2013).

She is also the author of Feng Shui Gourmet (2011), a book describing the benefits of conscientious eating. Her tenth edition of Your Fortune is available for 2016, detailing: customs and traditions of the Lunar New Year, Feng Shui remedies, and information specific to each Chinese Zodiac sign. The Your Fortune series has received positive reviews from Elle Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Style Living, New Tide Magazine, New Sunday Times, New Straits Times, and other notable publications.

In addition to her individual consultations and writings, Chan is a gifted speaker. She has appeared in media interviews for DCRS Decoration Magazine, Malaysian Airlines In Flight magazine, Biz Daily, NuYou magazine, and international radio stations.

Clarice has contributed to the following magazines since 2004:

  • 2005-2017 Monthly Star Columnist for Simply Her, a solutions-oriented women’s magazine published by SPH Magazines
  • 2005-2015 Annual Lunar Zodiac Prediction in The Finder Magazine
  • 2007-2017 Annual Lunar Zodiac Predictions in Expat Living Magazine

Clarice’s News Feature and Media Prints:

  • 2021
  • 2020 How to instantly improve your office Feng Shui with
  • 2019
  • 2019 Horoscopes Forecast with Expat Choice Asia
  • 2018 Prediction on Donald Trump with SCMP and Newsweek
  • 2017 Cover Story on your zodiacs with Jetstar Asia Magazine
  • 2017 Everything you need to know about the Rooster Year with The Finder Magazine
  • 2016 Yahoo News Feng Shui Forecast 2016
  • 2016 Easy ways to Feng Shui your workplace
  • 2016 Luckiest Days to start work after Chinese New Year
  • 2016 Finder Magazine 3 Easy Feng Shui Tips for 2016 Living
  • 2015 The Working Mum’s Horoscopes Forecast with Simply Her Magazine
  • 2015 Cover feature – How to embrace Feng Shui with Clarice in Finder Magazine
  • 2015 Predictions for the year of the Goat with Expat Living Magazine
  • 2014 Beauty in the Stars with Sephora (In collaborations with Her World 2014)
  • 2014 The Yang Wood Horse with DCRS Decorations Magazines
  • 2014 Predictions for the year of the Horse with Expat Living
  • 2014 Rock your Lucky Colours with Her World Magazine
  • 2013 Baby Watch with Mother & Baby Magazine
  • 2013 Get Luckier, Richer & More Successful with Simply Her Magazine
  • 2013 Boss’s Horoscopes Story with Simply Her Magazine
  • 2013 De-cluttering Tips with Cosmopolitan
  • 2012 Colour us Happy with Style Weddings
  • 2012 Feng Shui & Zodiac Feature with
  • 2012 Feng Shui & Food Feature with
  • 2011 Love Zodiacs with Telescope Magazine
  • 2011 Watch, Time and the Chinese Zodiac Signs with Telescope Magazine
  • 2011 What the Rabbit will bring in IM magazine
  • 2011 Annual Forecast in Telescope magazine
  • 2011 Feng Shui for the home in Expat Living Magazine, Hong Kong
  • 2010 Geomancy 2.0 in The Peak magazine
  • 2010 Good Vibrations with The Finder magazine
  • 2009 Travelscopes in Asian Escapes
  • 2009 Fashion Feng Shui in Female magazine
  • 2008 Your Perfect Love Match in Marie Claire
  • 2008 Love Horoscopes in Mother and Baby Magazine (Chinese edition)
  • 2007 The Horoscope Special, Singapore & Malaysia Women’s Weekly

Media Interviews

  • 2015 Interview with The Finder Magazine
  • 2013 Interview with DCRS Decoration Magazine
  • 2012 – Interview with Malaysian Airlines In flight magazine
  • 2011 – Interview with Biz Daily
  • 2010 – Interview on Chinese New Year Traditions on Radio 93.8
  • 2009 – Interview with Nu You magazine

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